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Kathryn is a people person, adapting with the changing times. She’s been working in the decorating business for more than 25 years, and transitioned into Home Staging.

When she remarried in 1998, the puzzle was how to blend the two families together. She embraced Feng Shui and used these techniques to create function & flow, and help with the myriad challenges of a new blended family.

This success sparked Kathryn to learn more, and thus, adapt feng shui principles for use throughout her personal and business lifestyle.

As a project consultant, Kathryn has opened, renovated and moved stores and businesses. She offers counsel for many aspects of life cultivating unique solutions for others to lead productive stress-free lives. Through these multi-faceted experiences, she has observed human behavior as well as design challenges in a wide range of settings. This led to the development of her practical approach, using Feng Shui Personal Elements to promote harmony in any space, home or office.


Now, settled in Ontario, you can find Kathryn out and about: sailing on the high seas, hiking with her husband and collie dogs, travelling around the globe and continuing her spiritual practice with Feng Shui. Kathryn is eager to share information with all through an informative newsletter each month, blog posts on social media and her podcast Feng Shui Your Day!


Kathryn believes that positive vibes and good intentions are the way to make the world a better place!


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Practical Feng Shui for the Office; Creating Harmony for Success is designed as a reference book: easy to read, a selection of tips, action steps and check lists all blended in with full color photo, images, and drawings.

What’s different about this second edition, it focuses on being in control, a way to take charge and make solid decisions that truly support you. I take you through finding the ‘power position’; the BEST SEAT for you to be in charge everywhere you go!
Kathryn designed a Personality QUIZ- the PEP QUIZ, to help with developing your management style. What are your strengths and weaknesses?  And, who are the right people to delegate these tasks- so that a everyone wins!

By learning how to take charge, Feng Shui can change your life for the better in business, relationships, finances and so much more.

Let’s Get Your Space Working for you!

Grab your copy now!!!


Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate chaos and focus on what’s important for you?


Create new habits with Feng Shui and adapt a functional routine while juggling the chores and realities of life. Many times, it’s the little things that will throw you off balance.


The Feng Shui Advantage reveals how to take charge, set boundaries and cultivate better relationships while identifying the auspicious Nine Areas of Life. This book has practical solutions for living each day to the fullest and can help in all areas of life!


With these tips, you’ll be able to address each day with less stress, more productivity and achieve what you need to do.


Get the advantage: Create a work-life-home-balance using the principles of Feng Shui!

Grab your copy now!!!

feng shui

Now translated: In 2016, a first contract to have the book translated into another language.

This book has drawn attention from a number of sources including: The Boston Globe: Feng shui for your desk

change book

CO-AUTHOR PUBLICATION: The CHANGE, Book 9. Insights into Self Empowerment


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