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Kathryn Wilking

Kathryn Wilking continues to use the Five Element Theory as the foundation of this Second Edition: updated to include more insight as we grow and thrive.

Kathryn presents a practical view of Feng Shui creating harmony when setting up a physical workspace. Whether you have a private office, shared space or the kitchen table, she reveals how easy it is to create a balance flow of energy in order to be productive.

Kathryn developed a Personal Element Profile (PEP QUIZ) that can help determine personal strengths and weaknesses when running a business or creating a team.

Learn to tap into your strengths and shift the environment to reap the rewards to create an organized, fulfilling and prosperous lifestyle.

Guest Blog and endorsement from Jannette Susan Anderson owner of Bodacity; mover and shaker for The Maturpreneur™ Maverick in the next chapter of life.

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